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We Believe That Everyone's Investment Journey Is Different And We Treat It That Way, To Make Sure You Get The Best Product For You

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About us

At 3B We believe a transparent and unbiased approach to your investment and savings goals is the prime objective. we introduce our customers to a range of attractive and market leading investment options. Our role is to assess the market, complete the relevant due diligence on the investments that are available to provide you with the best, secure, attractive returning investments available. Through this process we help realize your long term financial goals. whether this be building your finances to help with the purchase of assets like a property, saving to ensure you have a comfortable retirement or in retirement you want your savings to provide you with a better rate of growth or income

We believe our unbiased, independent view on investments give you the best chance to achieve your goals. You will be provided a dedicated Account Managers who support your throughout the term of your investment.

Our Promise

  • We will act as an introducer to a wide range of investments and IFA’s depending on your needs
  • You will be assigend a local account manager
  • Our team will work dilligently to asses the investments on offer to make sure they are reputable comoanies with a proven track record
  • We will explain the investments to you in a simple manner so it is easy to understand the specifics of each investment
  • We work on a no obligation basis and you will never be pressurised into making a decision
  • Your information will be stored and porcessed in a safe a nd secure manner at all times
  • You will never transfer funds directly to us and under no circumstances would we handle your funds

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    Types of investments


    TypeReturnsStarting amountAfter 5 years
    Option 1Bank Savings/ISA2%£10,000£11,040.00
    Option 2Bank Bond2.55%£10,000£11,341.00
    Option 3Corporate bond5%£10,000£12,762.00
    Option 4Loan note10%£10,00016,105.00
    Option 5(low risk) Stock and shares fund2.67%£10,000£11,408.00
    Option 6(High risk) Stock and shares fund5.16%£10,000£12,860.00

    * the above projections are just examples, rates on offer change all the time, please speak to one of our account managers to understand the rates that are on offer.

    The above projections are taken as an example to show the difference in returns over 5 years across various products

    Some products may carry more risk than others, so it is essential you understand all factors before investing or saving any money in a product

    Stocks and shares products do not guarantee returns, previous performance does not guarantee future returns. The returns shown are from a reputable fund manager over the last 5 years up to June 2022 In the highest and lowest risk fund